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There is a huge need to offer more than a cleaning and sanitizing service.  We have the training, support, marketing material, equipment, product, and support.

We are aware of other start-ups hoping to enter this market without the training, tools, and best practices that this issue deserves.  

By applying our sanitiing program, you can also place our SANITIZED logo on the front door that instills public confidence in the safety of your store, gym, day care, or gym.  Our program scales to any size building, and delivers a surperior value to each and every customer.

While there are going to be one-off jobs, our goal is to set up a monthly cycle that raises the level of infection prevention than what is offered by other services.


  • Our Green process acutally improves the indoor air quality and improves sick buildings
  • Strips the air of particles, pollutants, and VOCs
  • Kills surface mold and mildew
  • Sanitizes every square inch of the building