About OMG Sanitizing

The threat of COVID-19 has raised our awareness that typical cleaning and sanitizing is not enough.  Even if the surfaces are wiped and sanitized, the air is a constant medium to transfer disease.  How can we clean the air?  Professional sanitizing services know how to clean the surfaces and the air.  They also know how to apply a lasting, non-toxic treatment that will inhibit re-infection for days after the initial treatment.

But if you are paying for sanitizing your building, you may be missing out on the other Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) threats present in the building.  And some sanitizing products only add to the toxic bioload of the building.  It may be that the sanitizing treatment solves one problem and makes other IAQ problems worse.

The OMG Sanitizing affiliates know how to sanitize your building, prevent the infection from easily returning, and to neutralize the other IAQ threats at the same time.  These other IAQ threats are VOC gases from paints, glues, cleaning product, pesticides, and even building material.  Add to that the common air pollution problem that gets concentrated in building and the toxin in the dust and dirt that is constantly recirculating through the building; and you begin to realize that cleaning and sanitizing are not enough.

Call one of our OMG firms in your area for a better sanitizing service.  Why pay for sanitizing when you can get a better sanitizing service that also neutralizes the pollution, toxins, and latent health threat afftering your workers, staff, students, and guests.