About OMG Sanitizing

Professional SanitizingThe world changed when COVID-19 struck everywhere with stunning speed.  Before COVID-19, sanitizing was a "Good Idea" and was deemed a part of the normal cleaning program.  Now we know better.  Cleaning is not sanitizing regardless of how good it may be.  In fact, some sanitizing processes can make the infectious threat worse because there is no follow-through that prevents re-infection.

An OMG sanitizing services takes the sanitizing process from a one-time treatment that will not prevent re-infection to a process that can inhibit re-infection for as long as thirty days.  Why pay for any service that may a few hours?

Your Option:  3 Hours - 3 Days - 30 Days

After sanitizing, the building can be reinfected in about three hours.   Our services applies a ultra-safe final treatment that can last for three days ... or event 30 days.  Which is the best choice for your the dollars spent?

We now know that sanitizing is an ongoing process, so we return every month to apply the EPA registered, safe and Green products that offer a Seven Log (99.9999999%) sanitizer in minimum time, and then apply our ultra-safe final treatment that inhibits re-infection well beyond the initial treatment.