About OMG Sanitizing

For about the SAME MONEY, would you prefer a weekly or monthly sanitizing treatment.  Or .... how about a complete sanitizing fog-out EACH NIGHT with an ECO-SAFE, EPA REGISTERED, RESIDUE FREE mist?  No crews required to access the building, no workers to pay, and no hassle for a freshly sanitized building EACH and EVERY MORNING

Your Option:  Nightly Sanitizing, Weekly or Monthly Treatments  = Same Price or Less

Ozone HistoryVORTEX is our proprietary system installed and monitored by trained professionals that is cost efficient, more affordable, and treats your school, daycare, gym, workplace, store, or restaurant each and every night with an EPA registered, eco-safe ultra-fine fog.  The next day, workers, students, and customers return to a fresh-smelling, sanitized facility that greatly reduces the threat of infectious disease spread.

We introduce VORTEX system for 90 days at a price that is always less than paid services or workers offering weekly or monthly treatment cycles.  The result is that the infection threat is very unlikely as long as other healthy protocols are followed (masks as required, social distancing, and handwashing).  After 90 days, we will offer a lower monthly fee for an annual commitment.  

To assure proper operation, our service professionals visit routinely to maintenance the system, assure proper operation, and fill the unit with our highly-effective, EPA registered, eco-safe solution.  There is no residue from the nightly treatments which are cycled each night when we expect the building to be vacant.  No one enjoys walking into a fog, even if it is not dangerous.

Vortex produces an ultra-fine fog that touches all surfaces and reaches every square inch of the air.  This mist quickly dissipates in about a half-hour allowing for normal activities to continue.  The Vortex unit has a easy-to-use day and hour setting for nightly treatments each or alternating nights at a time when the building is vacant.  

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